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What is IoT | Internet of Things Definition

IoT Network

What is IoT | Internet of Things Definition:

Internet of Things (IoT) is very quickly picking up pace in the technology world. Internet of things is getting spread like wildfire in every sector ranging from home appliances to industrial manufacturing work. Here is a simple “internet of things definition” – IOT is a network of interconnected physical devices such as smartphones, home appliances, vehicles and more, that connect with computers and exchange data.

Many enthusiasts and industry experts believe that Internet of Things will completely transform how computer networks are used. Others think IoT is simply hype of the year and won’t impact our daily lives much.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things proposes is a network of interconnected devices which collect and share data with each other. IoT devices share that data through internet with the computers so that it can be further processed for various multiple purposes.

The Internet of Things devices are called “smart” devices. These devices generally use internet protocol (IP) to communicate with one another. Aim of internet of things is to havea network of connected devices that self report in real time. This would help to improve efficiency drastically and automate all the daily processes. This system is believed to achieve higher accuracy than human processes.

An Idea of how IoT Will Change Our Lives

IoT Smart Home

Some of the proposed IoT devices sound like part of a science fiction movie based in 2050. However, these IoT devices are a reality today. Here is a list (non-exhaustive) of those amazing IoT devices:

  • Cars with self-parking feature (Volvo S90)
  • Receive Warnings Notifications : If IoT networks detect a physical danger
  • Automatic Groceries ordered: A device which would sense the current grocery stock in your home and automatically re-stocks the shelf

Some IoT Applications in Business World:

  • Smart Inventory Control: Tracking and Maintaining Databases efficiently
  • Fuel Savings: Environmental Modeling of Engines
  • Enhanced Security and Safety measures for labour and employees

Connectivity provided by IoT will also help businesses in their marketing. For example- Studying a customer’s behavior in a shop, a retailer can design and develop products that increase the overall size of the sale. IoT can be installed in a device in such a way that it automatically reminds the owner for Scheduled maintenance and book appointments itself.

Network Devices and the Internet of Things

IoT Usage

IoT can be embedded in a host of home appliances. These include: Wi-Fi network adapters, motion sensors, cameras, microphones and other instrumentation. Many smart homes already implement different versions of this concept for things like smart light bulbs, wireless scales and wireless blood pressure monitors that each represent early examples of IoT gadgets. Devices like smart watches and glasses are also suppose to get major upgrades with the coming of IoT flood. Wireless communication protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth extend to the Internet of Things also.

IoT: Things to Keep in Mind

Definition of internet of things immediately provides concern for privacy and personal data. IoT in daily life would collect various kinds of data such as:

  • Whereabouts of Our Physical Location
  • Health details such as blood pressure, cholesterol (for Healthcare providers)

This data roaming over wireless networks and possibly around the world is an obvious privacy concern for many people. The listed features of IoT would demand a huge supply of steady power. These power needs would add up to the running and maintenance cost of the appliances and machines. IoT devices require very specific configurations but needs and preferences of every user is different. So standardization of such products would not be possible.

Further, if people become too much reliant on such technologies, even small glitches could cause a complete disaster considering the level of inter connectivity enforced.

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