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Summer Beauty Tips For Divas 2018

Summer Beauty Tips For Divas in 2018:

As the summer months are upon us, here is a list of Summer beauty tips for Divas that will serve you as the golden rule book for this summer.

Summer Beauty Tips For Divas in 2018:

1. Keep Your Eyes Protected:

Sunglasses Beauty Tips

Always carry a pair of sunglasses or a hat with you whenever you step out of the house . It not only helps to increase visibility on a hot flaming sunny day but will also protect your under-eyes from ageing. Its time to use your sunglasses instead of making ‘bagvati’ (ZNMD) from it . Also always buy sunglasses with UV protection.

2. Don’t Get Yourself Dehydrated:

Prefer carrying a small water bottle with yourself always. Keep refelling it as often as you can. Small bottle is recommended so that it’s weight does not bother you while on the go. Also keep a track of your water intake so that it keeps you motivated. As one sweats the electrolytes are flushed out of the body, having lemonade and coolers will help you regain them.

3. Skin Comes First:

One can not emphasise enough the importance of sunscreen. Be it a sunny day or not, coating yourself in a layer of sunscreen is a must. The damage done to the skin is not easy to heal.always remember prevention is better than cure.

4. Makeup: Less is More:

This summer say no to cake face. Go for fresh look instead of instagram glam. Avoid layering your products. Go for a cc cream or tinted moisturisers instead of full coverage foundation or opt for powder compacts.

5. Minimise Sugar & Caffeine:

As summer months approach and the temperature scorches we tend to get lazy and start feeding excessive caffeine to our system. Once caffeine enters the system it starts dehydrating us. Instead try adding things like curd, coconut water, buttermilk in your diet to keep yourself hydrated. Go for fruits instead of processed sugar.

6. Masking is The Key:

Be it as simple as a cooling mask made out of aloe vera or some DIY. Try to mask at least twice a week to help skin regenerate from the pollution and summer heat.

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7. Hair Up Instead of Down:

Although fancy blow-dry and beach waves are our go to hair styles. However having your hair tied up in a cute up-do will not only help you experiment a little but also keep you sweat free.

8. No Shower-Less Days:

Lets admit, we all do have no shower days in winters. However one ought NOT avoid it at any cost. All the sweat, grease and gunk needs to leave our body unless you want to smell like a foul pig. Apply talcum powder and deodorant after shower to keep yourself smelling fresh all day long.

9. Easy Breezy:

Its time to show all the hard work you do at the gym to get yourself toned. Wear shorts, tanks, crop tops, skirts, dresses whatever it be always prefer clothes which are light and breezy. For eg. cotton, linen muslin

10. Get The Diet Right:

Eating deep fried potatoes and chicken and burgers & pizzas will only give you discomfort and bloat your body. Instead go for heathy options like rice bowls, salads.

This list of 10 essential summer beauty tips will help you stay healthy fresh and young throughout.

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