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struggling with brittle nails? dreaming of long claws to flaunt at a event or date? yet on a budget? Worry not, here is a short list of nail care tips to help you maintain your nails and cuticles on fleek without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Top nail care tips:Teeth away 

    Keep your nails away from your teeth for if you wish to have long nails. people bite their nails to death. While bitting nails the damage is done to the nail bed which is the foundation of the building . The state of the nail bed is very important for your nails to grow. When nails come in contact with saliva they get weak. Also keep in mind while bitting all the bacteria, dirt and infections you are putting in your mouth via nail bitting. One of the best ways to help one avoid biting nails is to apply nail paint on your nails. It will not only make your nails thicker to bite through but also give a you a guilt feeling for ruining your freshly applied nail polish coat.

  2. Cuticle care:   

    One should never cut there cuticle instead you would be better off by pushing them back and using a cuticle remover gel will help you get rid of that skin. Use a orange stick or a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles after you apply cuticle remover. Use a tissue to get rid of the hangnail. Hangnail is very painful and the urge to remove it right away  will be powerful. However it needs to be dealt in with right procedure as described. Cutting cuticles directly will expose you to infections. Typically hangnail occurs to those with dry hands and also more in cold weather. keeping your hands and cuticle moisturized while reduce the occurrence of hangnails. A cuticle oil rich in vitamin E can be used to avoid hangnail. Sally hansen cuticle oil has great results.

  3. Hand care is equally important:

    People usually forget their hands while paying attention to solely nails. Taking care of hands is equally important. Do  not neglect your hands use of  lotion or a hand cream is suggested for somebody with extra dry hands . One can try the soap & glory ,the body shop hand cream among the many available in the market . Try not to keep your hands in water for too long or use a pair of gloves otherwise.hand cream

  4. No tools: 

    Your nails are not tools for popping open a can of soda or to scratch your lovely pooch. While doing dishes, gardening or anything that might involve an accidental chip try to wear gloves or have somebody else do it for you. For eg. to open a tight tupperware ask your bae to do it for you instead of putting your nails in danger.

    lunch containers break nails

  5. Nail polish procedure: 

    People generally think of using nail polish directly on the nails without prep and hence damage their nails in long run. Remember however strong your nails may look they need care. An easy procedure is as follows: Wipe off your old color with acetone, apply a base coat followed by a nail color of your choice and seal it with a top coat. A base cot is required to keep the color from staining your actual nail and a top coat is used to improve the longevity of the color. Also a top coat help to protect your color from chipping. top coat for nails

  6. One direction:        

    Typically while filling their nails people go back and forth with the coarse filler. Have two things in mind in regards to filling use a higher number grit to file your natural nails. Buy a grit in the range 240-600.secondly move in one direction while filling. Aggressive motion will cause only damage. start from one edge of the nail and file towards the centre or the tip, lift of the the file and again place it on the edge and move towards the centre. motion is ‘file-lift-file lift’. best nail care tips:to file properly

These nail care tips will also help those who get their nails done professionally. However those with a low budget can easily follow these ‘nail care tips’ and never worry about broken nails. you also need to keep your diet in check for your nails to grow stronger and healthier.

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