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Makeup Brushes for Beginners

What Makeup Brush to Buy for Beginner| Brush Kit for Beginners|Customize Your Brush Kit

Buying makeup brushes can be a bit intermediating at first however the power of good makeup brushes is undeniable. Brushes are the the prime key ingredients to any makeup look one wants to achieve. before you read this article, please read Secrets kept from Beginners Looking for Brushes to familiarize yourself with basics of makeup brushes. The list  here will tell the importance of each and every brush one must keep in their basic makeup kit. However customization is always important. For example someone who likes to wear liquid liner, having an eyeliner brush is almost insignificant to them. Similarly is the case for the type of brush to be used for specific coverage etc. Here is a list of basic makeup brushes to keep in your kit.

Foundation Brush: Epitome of Makeup Brushes

A foundation brush must be a synthetic brush or a duo-fibre brush to avoid product waste cause girl you know foundation are not cheap to buy. A good foundation brush can make even a sloppy product work like a dream. Here are a few types of foundation brushes according the coverage one needs. You can opt for the one that suits your choice.
source: pinterest

Flat Foundation Brush

A flat foundation brush has equal length bristle or may be rounded at edges. This kind of brush provides maximum coverage with least amount of product wastage. Use outward and downward strokes to apply foundation onto the skin for seamless application. To blend in the streak dab the brush onto the skin. This also helps in layering product to build coverage. Suggested brush is MAC 190 brush
flat top buffing brush source: sigma

Buffing Brush

This brush is best for those who want o buff in the product onto the skin and make it look like second skin. The bristles are densely packed on this kind of brush. This comes in 2 varieties a flat top and a round top brush. Use small circular  motion to achieve medium to buildable coverage. Helps to provide airbrushed effect. A flat top brush helps to smoothen product easily onto the skin. Suggested brushes are sigma f80, real techniques expert face brush, morphe y6
stippling brush source: morphe

Duo Fibre


These are the stippling brushes and provide sheer to medium coverage. The  bristle are not as dense as a buffing brush and are longer as well. These brushes have natural as well as synthetic bristles. Usually natural on the top and synthetic on the base. Also the bristle length varies in this brush. suggested brushes are mac 187 ,sigma f50 , morphe m406.


The use of  foundation sponges have been found for ages however beauty blender has changed the game. These help in to achieve all types of coverage from sheer to buildable and makeup tougher product work on like butter onto the skin. It is a multitasker as well. Sponges are also used for  loose powder application. Always use a makeup sponge dampened. Sponges have taken place of makeup brushes. Suggested are real techniques and the beauty blender.

Tapered Powder Brush

A powder brush will help to powder the cream base. A tapered powder brush will be convenient to apply powder under the eyes. It is designed in such a way that it sits well in all nooks and crooks of the face. A powder brush is usually fluffy and does not have stiff bristles. Sugested are morphe y11 , kat von d shade+light brush
powder brush
source: morphe brushes
blush brush e4
source: morphe

Angled Blush Brush

Blush brush will help to sweep color onto the face. an angled blush brush hugs the cheek on the zygomatic bone and helps to gently sweep the color upwards towards the temple. A blush brush is usually synthetic however natural bristle brushes also work very well for blush application. This is an important brush and at times can used to multitask as well. suggested brushes are morphe E4,smashbox angled blush brush

Tapered Highlight Brush

the go to brush these days is  an highlighter brush. We recommend a tapered soft highlighter brush instead of a fan brush for precision application of the highlight. This brush will not let your highlighter blend across your entire face and make your highlight pop. suggested brushes are Fenty beauty highlighter brush( can also be used for blush application)  , morphe R36

highlighter brush from fenty beauty
source: fenty beauty

Contour Brush

contour brush

a contour brush needs to be stiff and fluffy at the same time for precision application and blending both. Apply powder contour with it and sweep upwards forming a triangle to had dimension to your face. Suggested brushes are kat von d shade+ light brush and morphe R14

Brow Brush and Spoolie :

A spoolie is required to brush the brow hair and a brow brush must be as thin as possible for neater application of brow products and to make hair like stroke. Suggested is anastasia #14 brush
spoolie + brow
source: cult beauty

Accent Brush :

A detailer brush helps in a lot of processes. It can be used to clean the brows with concealer or create a cut crease. Detailer brush can also be used for glitter application. You can check real techniques accent brush, japonesque detailer brush.
detailer brush
source: japonesque

Pencil Brush

Use a pencil brush to smudge eyeshadow on lower lash line. No eye makeup look is complete without adding cooer to lower lash line. A pencil brush should be small and of natural bristles. you can check zoeva 230 pencil brush and morphe brushes g27
pencil makeup brushes
source: beauty bay

Tapered Eyeshadow:

This kind of eyeshadow brush helps to place the color on the crease and outer lid of the eye. At times it is also beneficial in blending the eyeshadow. It is usually natural bristle brush. You can check mac 217, real techniques tapered shadow brush ,zoeve 228
source: zoeva

Blending Brush

A must have brush for those into eye makeup. It is usually natural bristle brush however may be synthetic. It totally depends on the choice of the person. The size of bristles also may vary depending on the shape. It is fluffy and round on the top. Check out mac 217,228 ,morphe M441.
source: morphe

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

A flat eyeshadow brush helps to pack the color onto the lid . It is usually densely packed with natural bristles. Use the pat and drag motion to have maximum color on the lid. Suggested brushes are mac 242, zoeva 237.
makeup brush for eyeshadow
source: zoeva

Eyeliner brush:

source: morphe

We do not want our eyeliner to be blunt ever. We want it as sharp and precise as possible. It is made of synthetic bristles hence it is easier to work with gel liners. One can even use a painter brush of size 0 or morphe m250-2.

Some of the makeup brushes have not been included considering it to a beginners guide. Some extra brushes one can look at are lip brush , smudger brush, fan brush for contouring, kabuki brush.

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