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Here is a list of lip care tips for all those struggling with dry and chapped lips. Ever felt the need of a rescue operation for your dry chapped lips when your crush tries to approach you ? Well, worry not these simple tips will help you achieve juicy plump lips to kiss. Dry lips give a very bad impression when you meet somebody. The skin on the lips is delicate than the skin on the rest of the body hence they need extra care so that they do not chap easily. There are almost no oil glands present in our lips and can not create sun-filtering natural melanin, which means our lips have a tendency to get damaged easily. Some people believe in a myth that lips get dry only in winter due to cold air however dry air, hot winds and sun equally dry out our lips all year round. Here is a simple check list for you to follow so as to get your lips looking heathy.
  1. Hydrate 1st on list of lip care tips   

    This is a two step process. One not only needs to hydrate externally but also internally. Remember when one says water is cure to your skin problem believe me it is true. Try to intake at least 3-4 litres of water everyday to help your chapped lips gain some water content. Secondly never leave your lips dry, always have a layer of lip balm when not wearing lipstick. As soon as your wash your face grab a chapstick and lather on a layer on your lips. Try to. Buy lip balms with SPF as our lips also need protection from sun. Generally people tend to apply sunscreen on skin and leave out lips however one must remember lips need as much protection as your skin. Some of the options would be fresh lip balm treatment, neutrogena lip moisturizer, eos lip balm and even nivea lip care.

    lip balm for lip care tips
    moisturize as often as possible


  2. Overnight treatment 

    Use heavy duty lip masks for night so that your lips get moisture they deserve. Our body goes into replenish mode at night so it is a great time to take the advantage of this time and help your chapped lips. If your don’t have access to lip masks just apply home made ghee or butter. It will work wonders. Treating your lips overnight will give you easy, quick and best result. One can also use petroleum jelly as it will create a barrier between lips and air so that the oil does not escape. one can try sephora lip mask or Agave lip mask from bite beauty.butter for lips

  3. Scrub religiously 

    Remember to scrub your lips once every 3 days or twice every week. One needs to get rid of chapped flaky dead skin before going ahead with any kind of remedy. However remember not to over scrub your lips or you will end up giving more damage than benefit to them.You can buy lip scrubs or you can DIY one yourself with brown sugar, coconut oil and lemon. You can also add rosewater if you want. Another great way is to scrub your lips gently with your toothbrush. If you apply liquid lipstick on regular basis it is a must to scrub your lips for smooth application or you will end up having a streaky application. some amazing lip scrubs to ry are from bliss fabulip scrub and Jeffree star cosmetics. scrub is the best lip care tip

  4. Saliva away lip care

    Generally people smack their lips with saliva when they feel they have dry lips, however this is the worst kind of treatment you can give to your lips. Instead grab a lip balm and lather on your lips. Saliva has a tendency to dry out the skin surface hence avoid using ur saliva on your lips. one should always steer rear of saliva on the lips as an option to moisturize them.no saliva on lips

  5. Stay clear of residue

    Always remember to remove lipstick when removing makeup this is important on point on lip care tips. Lips need air to breath and lipstick blocks that, also wearing lipstick for long hours can cause your lips to chap beyond repair. Use a cotton damped in cleansing milk or makeup remover to remove lipstick or one can also use coconut oil. It will not only remove makeup but provide moisture at the same time. It will not be as harsh as any other chemical based makeup remover. Some suggested removers are clinique take the day off balm, maybelline clean express total clean and lakme absolute bi-phased remover.

Pro-tip: Right after shower use emollient like coconut oil, sunflower oil and apply in your navel. It has some ayurvedic connection and it works to keep lips in healthy state. Apart from that take care of your diet, it should be rich in vitamins and minerals. If after trying all these steps your lips do not get better it is time for you to visit a doctor and let him/her examine the cause of concern. Follow  these ‘lip care tips’ for luscious pouty lips.

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