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Eyebrows on Fleek

Eyebrows on Fleek| Eyebrows Guide for Beginner|Understanding Eyebrows

Everybody is behind those high arched, sharp instagram eyebrows. No doubt brows provide shape to our face. The brow game has undergone evolution with time. There was time of thin ant brows and now everybody wants instagram brows . Instagram eyebrows can be arched, high or bushy and straight. Well groomed eyebrows are instagram brows. There are various way to take care of your brows . Here we will discuss how to groom your brows and fill in your brows.

Grooming Options :

Brows can be groomed in a number ways. The choice depends on personal preference. Getting your done eyebrows professionally groomed is highly recommended. however if you are sure of your own skills or do not want to rely on others you can go ahead with grooming your own eyebrows. Do not attempt without full knowledge or you will end up with a disaster. Unkept brows may give a shabby look or you may end up growing a unibrow which does not appear flattering.

1. Cotton Scissor :

in this method a practitioner creates a scissor with the help of a cotton thread  and tries to pull out unwanted hair from the roots. This method might be bit painful but the most safest among all. The effect last for about two-three weeks depending on you hair growth.  This method is natural as well as no chemicals and waxes are involved.

threading of eyebrows
eyebrow threading

2. Sugar Method:

Firstly the eyebrows should be cleaned and mapped. next wax is applied on the unwanted hair area and gently pulled out with the use of wax strip. Generally the wax used is save for sensitive skin or a pearl wax is used. The results last longer . The hair eventually becomes weaker and thinner over time.

3. Shave:

People use a face razor blade for women or an electric eyebrow shaver. It is the quickest and painless solution. It is on the go but should be done with precision. Steady hand and proper knowledge of eyebrow shape is required or else disaster may happen.

4. Tweezer:

This is the method most commonly opted by people who wish to do their brows on their own. however one must have proper knowledge the brow shape they desire as it is easy to go overboard with tweezers. This is a painful method and most time consuming. However the ease of doing it at home make sit quite popular. Keep in mind to pull the hair in the direction of hair growth.

tweezers for eyebrows

Filling and Shaping :

Shaping and filling eyebrows is amongst the essential part of makeup as well as everyday routine for some. Fuller well shaped brows enhance the face and the eyes. Before going ahead with any eyebrow product there are few things to keep in mind. The color to be used. The color should be as close to your hair color. However going a shade lighter is preferred than going darker. for example somebody with black hair should not use a black product to fill in the brows, instead a cooler dark brown color is suggested. Secondly know the bro shape basics. there are 3 simple rules to this
  1. Take a pencil and align the side of your nose to the beginning of your eye and that is where your brow should start. usually eyebrows should have an distance of one eye between them
  2. Use the pencil to tilt it and align it from the side of your nose to the end of the iris, this is where your arch should go.
  3. Lastly align it to the side of your nose and the end of your eye this is where your eyebrow should end.

There are various eyebrow products available in the market like wax, powder shadow, pencil, pomade and gel based fibres. the choice of product depends on your desired effect to the achived. some people also go for micro-blading.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Usually eyebrows should have an distance of one eye between them.
  • Do not extent the tail down too much to it will give a droopy effect.
  • Maintain proper distance between the brows else close eyebrows give a frown face.
  • One can use powder to give a softer look to the brows.
  • Brow pomades are very famous to give sharp edgy clean brows.
  • A pencil is recommended for precision application
  • Fibre gels help to add volume to the brows.
  • Some people also get eyebrows micro bladed.
  • Mix of product is also used to achieve the desired look.
pro tip: Those struggling with no brow hair you can use benefit bravo conditioner or use some olive oil before bedtime.

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