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Eyebrow Guide

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Eyebrow Guide| Brow Grooming|Brows for Beginners

Eyebrows are all the rage at the moment. Several brow trends such as wiggly brows, Mc donald brow and what not have passed by. A well groomed brow pair looks the best out of all. Some people want their brows to be straight others like them to be angular or thicker. However this guide will tell you the best eyebrow shape suited for your face shape. The style of brow may vary . It can be bushy or sharp according to preference. Keep one key rule in mind angular eyebrows will add length to the face and flat eyebrows will give an illusion of shorter face. For more information regarding brows do read eyebrows on fleek. Now lets list out some face shapes and their best suited brows.

Face Shapes with eyebrows

  1. Oval face: This is the most ideal face shape. This is the most sought after face shape while contouring also. The brows for this face shape are softly angled. They go up and gently curves the top and bottom.

    soft arched brows on rihanna
    source: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/rihanna-exclusive-interview-the-launch-of-fenty-beauty-t6stj7pst
  2. Heart shape face:  since the face is angular at the chin and jaw we try to avoid giving more angle on the top. The most appropriate eyebrow shape for a heart shape face is a soft rounded brows. Low arched brows give a softer look to the face and make it look feminine and attractive.round brows for heart shape face
  3. oblong face : This face requires to shorten the face length. This can be achieved using straight brows. Adding angle on the brows give make the face look longer and more oblong. hence straight brows with no arches is their best friend.straight brows
  4. round face: This face requires some length and hence angular brows are sought after in this case. an high arch will add some length and angle in the otherwise round face. Some sharp angles brows will look more flattering than low arched brows.arched brows on priyanka chopra
  5. square face : This face shape has the liberty to go angular or soften it out. Those who want to give their face more angle apart from the sharp jaw one can use angular brows . those who like to balance out the sharpness can go for low arched curved eyebrows.jlo brows
  6. diamond face: Go for curved low angled brows . It will help to even shorten the width of the widest part of your face also, since the face is so much angular we must not opt for too high arched brows.

Styles of eyebrows

now lets discuss the brow styles that can be opted.
  1. feathered: this brow style is for those opting for fluffy bushy brows. This makes your face appear softer and lovable. This type of brows as at times called soap brows and can be achieved used soap or a mix of brow pomade and eyebrow gel.
  2.  natural: The girl next door kind of brows. These make you look effortlessly beautiful and can be achieved with eyebrow pencil and pomade.
  3. bold & angular : Also called  the instagram brows and can be achieved using pomade and brow sets and fiber and heavy use of concealer to neaten up the area. These brows are for those decked up party nights or girls night out. they make you look sassy and classy.
  4. straight out : hey fresh youthful brows. We love a fresh arch-less thick brows. This can done using brow pomade and gel fiber and pencil.

We hope you got to know about the ideal brow type for your face shape.

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