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Secrets kept from Beginners Looking for Brushes

Brushes for Beginners |Makeup Brushes Guide| Understanding Makeup Brushes

When people start buying makeup at times they forget that tools are as much important as the makeup product. A right tool can make a whole lot of difference in terms of ease of application as well as the finish of the makeup. People search for makeup brushes guide in order to get some knowledge. Usually people familiar with makeup are categorized into 4 kinds in terms of brushes.
  • Those who don’t care about the tools , these are the ones who are totally new to makeup.
  • Second category is of those who know the importance of tools however they don’t wish to invest their money on things like brushes and go for affordable ones.
  • Then comes those who know the significance of brushes and go on investing mac, kat von d, tom ford etc. these people have read numerous makeup brushes guide before investing their money
  • Lastly are the ones who splurge their money on Japanese handmade brushes because they are impossible to resist.
This article is a makeup brushes guide and will cover everything like  brush bristles, storage and maintenance of the brushes.
First of all one needs to understand the types of brush bristles, storage and washing techniques.

Bristle of the Brush

Natural brushes :

Goat hair brittle help in powder application. they pick up right amount of product and help in blending the powder well. These brushes are ideal for blushes, bronzer and eyeshadows. These brushes get better with wash and use.  Natural bristles brushes are expensive than the synthetic hair however they last longer. Natural hair brushes are best for eyeshadow application. They pick up the pigment and deposit it to the eye. These brushes are made of animal hair often sable, goat or squirrel. the brushes have uneven bristles on the edges and help pick up the product well and blend better.One can buy brushes from tom ford, mac and morphe.
Mix of brushes in a professional’s kit

Synthetic brushes:

These brushes are made of synthetic material. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Usually synthetic brushes are best for liquid application as they do not soak in the product as compared to natural bristle brushes. These brushes are cheaper in longer run as well. The bristles are made of man made material such as nylon. They help to apply foundation, cream based blushes and gel liner without any streak in application.  These come in a variety of colored bristles as well. Suggested brushes are morphe,mac.
synthetic brush
synthetic powder brush

Duo-fibre brushes:

These are the best kind of brushes for stippling  and buffing the foundation into the skin. They have synthetic fibre below the natural fibre. The natural fibre helps to push the product into the skin and buff it well. Also as compared to full natural bristle brush the product wastage is less. They are versatile brushes and help in application ;or cream and powder alike to create an airbrush effect. these brushes are also called skunk brushes.
 Brush list for beginners: duo fibre brushes
a basic list would consist of foundation brush, a blush/powder brush, contour brush and flat eyeshadow brush and blending brush. However for a detailed list please refer …..

Storage of Brushes

It is important to store the brushes in a right way. Putting them in a makeup bag is not the most unhygienic option. Instead store them up right in a jar differentiated by face and eye brushes. This will help you grab the brush easily and you will not have to waste time digging in to find the brush you need.
brush storage
store brushes separately

Washing & Drying Brushes:

One must brushes at least once in a week or depending the usage of them. You do not want to give bacteria a breading ground and that too in your brushes. dirty brushes end up giving pimples and skin allergies. Use gentle shampoo to wash them . Using a cleansing mat is also helpful specially in case of eyeshadow brushes. Dry your brush laying them flat against the edge of a table or a window . Do not let them dry standing up as the  the water will get into the glue and weaken the bristles bond. Also keep in mind while washing brushes to not have water go beyond the metal portion of the handle. Alcohol based brush cleanser can also be used for quick wash and dry however the life of brush is tampered.

silicone pad for brush cleaning

Life of the Brush

Some brushes get better with use such as the natural bristles however there are some which need to be tossed. When the bristles start shedding too much or the brush start smelling funny or does not perform as it used to it is time to switch.

How to Use New Makeup Brushes

Never use new makeup brushes without washing them prior with soap and water. The brushes go through a variety of process and it is not hygienic to use the brushes directly without washing them.
Now that you are familiar with brush bristles and how to take care of them now it is time for you to invest in some brushes. Before you do that a research is must. This makeup brushes guide will help you before you purchase any brush in future.

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