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Eyeshadow for Beginners

Master Eyeshadow Blending|Eyeshadow for Beginners|Ace Eyeshadow Game

Here is step by step guide on eyeshadow for beginners to help you venture into the world of eyeshadows which is beyond kohl and liner look. One needs proper courage to wear and use eyeshadow on the eye as nobody wants unblended eyeshadow. Unblended eyeshadow gives harsh raccoon eye look and is not at all flattering. One recommendation is not step out with unblended shadows rather put on something you are confident wearing until you master your eyeshadow game.This list of tips of eyeshadow for beginners will assist you to ace your eyeshadow game

1. Tools for Beginners:

An artist strongest weapons are tools. Investing in good quality brushes will pay you in long run. Brushes don’t get tarnished easily unless they are not taken care well. Cheap brushes have poor quality of bristles and give a hard time at blenDing. A blending brush and a packer brush is necessary to start with. Suggested brushes are Morphe M541 & M167 and  Mac -217 & 242.

brushes: eyeshadow for beginners

2. Pigmented Eyeshadow for Beginners:

One of the most crucial point to keep in mind is to invest in pigmented shadows. Eyeshadows made of more talc and less pigment will just give a muddy look on the eyes. We are sure nobody is looking for patchy mudDY eyeshadow here. Suggested are: juvias place, morphe, sugar pillurbandecay

source: juvias place

3. Clean Base to Begin:

Usually people have discoloration on the lids and it is important to cancel out that color and start with a clean neutral base. An eyeshadow base will not only cancel out the lid color but will also help the eyeshadow to last longer and stick to the skin in a better way. Eyeshadow base also helps to make eyeshadows pop and deposit true to its color. People usually use concealer and loose powder combo as an eyeshadow base, it does the job pretty well. However specific eyeshadow bases have more properties such as  the urban decay anti agenting version on shadow potion. Other recommended eyeshadow bases are Mac soft orche , P.louise eye base.

p.louise eye base
source: P.louise

4. Transition is the Key:

One needs to know the importance of transition shades. These help to blend the colors together. Start with the color closest to skin tone into the upper crease. This color will help to blend in other colors later and give a diffused look.



5. Color Scheme :

It is important to understand the colour scheme before you go ahead with colors on your lids. Learn what color compliments other colors and which eye shade. A simple color wheel theory can help you a lot in it. There are various color schemes from complimentary, monotone, analogous, triadic and split complementary. A simple color wheel will guide you with color schemes.

color wheel

6. Gradation :

It is essential to have gradation in an eye look else it will just look like a colorful patch on your eyes. Eyeshadows are used to compliment and correct the eyes shade and unblended eyeshadow can defeat the entire purpose. Key rule to remember is darkest near the lashes and outer “v” and diffused to skin color till the brow bone.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQbX0TspSIo


7. Understand Finishes :

One needs to understand eyeshadow finishes before proceeding to apply it on the eyes. The basic finishes are matte, satin, shimmer, glitter, metallic & frost. However for the beginning playing with matte , shimmer snd satin is safer option. Remember basic rule of matte in the crease and shimmer on the lid. One can go on creating and playing with finishes in later stages of learning. Playing with many finishes may not give the desired result unless you are a pro with eyeshadows.matte and shimmer shadows

8. Key to Success:

Blend blend and blend. Make it your beauty routine cardio. Use circular motion when dispersion needs to be in small space. It will keep the color intensity intact. Use windshield wiper motion for large areas for more diffusion. Pat-place and drag for the lid to use shimmer colors.

One needs to have interest in makeup to ace the eyeshadow blending game. Understanding makeup is more important than blindly following various makeup trends. this eyeshadow for beginners guide will help amateurs  to use eyeshadow on daily basis.

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