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Avoid These 5 Makeup Mistakes At All Costs

Makeup Mistakes

Avoid These 5 Makeup Mistakes At All Costs:

Here is a list of few makeup mistakes to avoid while doing makeup everyday. We all refer to social media for makeup guidance however it is important to notes these 5 makeup mistakes to avoid. The list includes the correct way to apply your makeup and guides you through the entire process.

No more racoon eyes:

Have you ever notices that your under eyes look grey even after you have concealed them ? if your dark circles are heavy try using a orange colour corrector before you proceed with your concealer. Or try to buy a concealer with peachy under tone if your dark circles have blue under tone. An orange or peach cancels out blue . In a color wheel the opposite colours correct each other . Some basic colours that cancel each other are
Suggested corrector are mac, kryolan derma color, la girl .
the difference because of concealer
source: sephora.com

Lip surgery

Always keep two things to in mind while using a lip liner, firstly, never use a dark shade of liner than your lip colour. It will give a negative effect of a surgery and make your lips look smaller. Also, don’t over line your entire lips. Try to make a cross (x) tad bit above your actually cupids bow and join it will your actual lip line . You will love the fuller effect it will give to your lips. Note the key here is to achieve kylie jenner lips not miranda sings over lined lip explosion.
Pro tip : a lighter lipstick shade will make your lips fuller instead of a dark grungy colour. Lip liners: pac lip liners, mac
lip liners
line lips perfectly

Curl first:

Always curl eyelashes before applying mascara to give your eyelashes va-va voom effect. Never ever risk your eyelashes by curling them with mascara on. It can rip your eye off your eyelashes. As the mascara grips onto the lashes curling them after mascara will pull out the hair strand from the hair follicles. A lash curler may look scary however it is the key to fluttery lashes.

lashes curle
curled lashes

Blend the blush with brush: 

Always blend the blush in upward and infinity strokes with the help of a brush. Always remember the aim is to add a but of color to the face and not look like a clown. Try to place the blush on half the apple of your cheek and blend it upwards on zygomite bone (cheek bone). Blending this way will give a natural fresh look on the face. Adding a blush gives life the face and adds colour. Also dont opt for too harsh color blushes. A blush brush should not be fluffy not dense . A denser brush will end up giving you clown cheeks.

Set it up:

Do not leave any cream product on the face without powder. Use a loose powder if you donit want coverage or you can use a compact to avoid wrinkly under eyes. Try to blend in the wrinkles by patting the product into the skin and lock it with powder. It is important to fix the cream product as its molecules are big and have spaces between them so to fill in the spaces a powder is used. Setting your makeup should be a must to do thing. No cream product can lost long if it is not set with powder. Be it a concealer or a cream contour product. Pro tip: use a matte bronzer to set cream contour. Suggested loose powders are : laura mercier translucent setting powder , kat von d lock it powder, faces canada loose powder , kryolan tl powder.

set face with powder
powder the face
Next time you apply makeup keep all these in mind to avoid looking like a mess. Avoid these 5 makeup mistakes and you will slay your makeup skills and make you look fabulous.

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