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Types Of Handbags for Divas

Various Types Of Bags for Divas|Arm candy variety|Handbag Guide

We all see celebrities carrying different bags with their outfits every day and wonder what type of bag it is. Well here is a list to help you spot the different types of handbags and add to your cart next time you shop.

Tote Bags

types of hansbag: tote
Source: Nord Strom Media

If you are one of the girls who loves to carry the world in her bag, babe don’t worry. The Tote bag is has got you covered. It is spacious yet chic. This style comes in variety of material from leather to mesh to even jute.

I would suggest to invest in a bag keeping in mind the places you frequently go to. For e.g on a beach a bag of leather is not suitable. Nowadays they have also replaced disposable plastics bags so as to provide as a reusable alternative. Some good references are: Micheal Kors

Satchel Bags

satchel bag
Source: Chloe.com

If you are somebody who just wants to keep her essentials with her and not carry extra weight with yourself then go for a satchel bag. It is usually a structured bag with plenty of space for your essentials. It is easy to cary around as it generally has a cross body strap along with handles.

Traditionally they were used to carry books. However with modern twist these bags now come in different variations and help to make any outfit look stylish. A satchel is a bag that is unisex as well.

Fanny pack

fanny pack
Source: TheFifthCollection

If you haven’t travelled with a fanny pack, oh girl you are missing out! It is the most convinient bag to carry while you travel. It keeps your belongings safe and close to you and reduces your hustle to carry it on your hand. Just tie it on your waist and your are good to cover all adventure parks and amusement parks without any problem of using the locker room.

You can travel far and wide and not worry about the safety of your personal belongings with a Fanny Pack.

Hobo Bags

Hobo Bags
Source: Louis Vuitton

A Hobo bag usually has one handle and is less structured. Another typical feature is its shape which is cresent. It is very slouchy and is carried over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made of flexible material.

The handle on the bag decides the length of the bag. These are generally large bags however can vary in sizes now-a-days. The renowed luxury fashion brand came out with a wooden handle hobo bag.


Wristlet bags
Source: DKNY

Wristlets are generally the smallest type of purse. It is so small that it can accommodate your cards and some cash. such bags have a bracelet instead of a strap to carry in your hand and is easy to carry around.

It is usually made of a sturdy material such as leather and comes in a variety of styles. Wristlets are easy go to bag for grocery shopping or even to attend a night at the club.

So these were the 5 uncommon types of handbags available for women ranging from Party, beach and everyday wear.

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