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5 Different Types of Skirts and How to Style Them |Skirt Styling Guide|Skirt Styles

Over the years skirts have morphed themselves into various other kinds of skirts ranging from length, silhouette to the cut and style. styling skirts can be tricky task. However here is a guide to help you style different types pf skirts better. Usually people refrain from wearing skirts just because they think styling skirts is difficult however here is a style guide for various types of skirts to help you wear them as often as you can.

Different Types of Skirts

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1. Denim Skirt:

The classic denim skirt is made of denim and is usually found as a short skirt however nowadays long versions are also easily available. At times it is also called jean skirt because of the association of same material. The hippies were the first ones to make a denim skirt as they had the idea of recycling old jeans in 1970s. A denim skirt paired with a white cotton shirt with a statement jewelry e looks lovely and apt for office wear. For the fall pairing denim skirts with heavy chunky sweater makes for a perfect day outfit. The classic double denim trend never goes out of fashion. One can experiment with the denim wash or the style of the denim top, it can be a shirt or a bustier. leather and denim compliment each other like no other. Experiment with different washes of denim to the length or the skirt, different styles liked ripped denim.
denim skirt with leather
denim with leather
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2. Long Skirt :

This may be an ankle length or floor length skirt. Long skirts look very elegant and come in a variety. These may be traditional long skirt or a pleated woolen long skirt. It may also be referred to as maxi skirt. A high heel is usually recommended however one can opt for flats as well. A crop top will look elegant paired with a high waisted long pleated skirt. Color blocking is relatively simpler in maxi skirts.  Pairing a blush pink maxi with a leather jacket will give the high street fashion chic look.

colour blocking maxi
type of skirts: maxi

3. Midi Skirt:

Midi skirts are for all those who have confidence in them to pull of any look. Those who walk tall, straight and don’t slouch look adorable with midi skirts adorned. A wide stripe try color midi skirt with a basic white cut sleeves top and white heels with statement earrings will surely make everybody’e eyes pop. A midi skirt with denim jacket and sneaker are surely a trend this season. Button downs and a belt to go along with your midi skirt will give q crisp vibe. Ankle boots, socks and leather jacket will make a statement.

4. Mini Skirt :

A mini skirt comes is varied styles and silhouettes. It may be a skater skirt or a box pleated skirt , a body con, a pencil skirt or a denim skirt. it is best suited for those will tall legs however everybody can wear whatever they wish to. Styling a mini skirt is quite simple. have a co-ord formals and you are sure to have everybody attention. A high waisted mini skirt paired with a title neck, boots and tights looks chic. high hemlines with high necklines look amazing. Pairing mini skirts with long coats is another option to go for.

mini skirt co-ord mini ksirt with denim skirt duo with jacket

 5. Skort :

This is the modern version of a skirt. this comes in varied styles. It may be a wrap cover up skort or a shorts made of loose cotton material. A skort with side flaps and well structured gives a very formal and chic look to the body. At times skirts are also layered and give a flow vibe. A basic skort has always been about function, practicality and comfort without sacrificing the look of a skirt. A skort can be styled in many different ways. A simple top with statement necklace and block heels. Try pairing printed skirts with printed top in different color families. A skort, trench coat, turtle neck and tights with boots is the look to die for.
This list of various types of skirts styling will surely help you wear skirts more often.

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