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threading of eyebrows

Eyebrow Guide

Eyebrow Guide| Brow Grooming|Brows for Beginners Eyebrows are all the rage at the moment. Several brow trends such as wiggly brows, Mc donald brow and what not have passed by. A well groomed brow pair looks the best out of all. Some people want their brows to be straight others like

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Makeup Brushes for Beginners

What Makeup Brush to Buy for Beginner| Brush Kit for Beginners|Customize Your Brush Kit Buying makeup brushes can be a bit intermediating at first however the power of good makeup brushes is undeniable. Brushes are the the prime key ingredients to any makeup look one wants to achieve. before you read

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smokey eyes

Smokey eyes for beginners

Smokey Eyes for Beginner|Smokey Eyes Guide|Smokey Eyes Tutorial The craze behind smokey eyes never seems to end. This eye makeup has been around as far as ancient Egypt & Persian empire, heavy eyeliners were adorn by men and women alike. However back in the day the use was to protect themselves

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Eyebrows on Fleek

Eyebrows on Fleek| Eyebrows Guide for Beginner|Understanding Eyebrows Everybody is behind those high arched, sharp instagram eyebrows. No doubt brows provide shape to our face. The brow game has undergone evolution with time. There was time of thin ant brows and now everybody wants instagram brows . Instagram eyebrows can be

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Eyeshadow for Beginners

Master Eyeshadow Blending|Eyeshadow for Beginners|Ace Eyeshadow Game Here is step by step guide on eyeshadow for beginners to help you venture into the world of eyeshadows which is beyond kohl and liner look. One needs proper courage to wear and use eyeshadow on the eye as nobody wants unblended eyeshadow. Unblended eyeshadow

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Fix Tired Eyes|How to make Eyes Look Bigger | Fix Small Eyes| No Puffy eyes Today’s article is for those struggling with small and tired eyes to make them look bigger and bold. Bigger eyes give an illusion of more expressive eyes. Eyes are a major part of the facial structure

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manicured nails


Nail Guide|Nail care tips|Healthy nail guide struggling with brittle nails? dreaming of long claws to flaunt at a event or date? yet on a budget? Worry not, here is a short list of nail care tips to help you maintain your nails and cuticles on fleek without burning a hole in

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healthy lips


lip care tips|Tips for Juicy lips|Perfect pouty lips Here is a list of lip care tips for all those struggling with dry and chapped lips. Ever felt the need of a rescue operation for your dry chapped lips when your crush tries to approach you ? Well, worry not these simple

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